Our House is
a Very, Very Fine House

… but we have no cats in the yard – just in the house!

It may be a "fine house", but it is always undergoing some exterior renovations. The photos below represent what some things looked like before, during, and after a new roof was installed in July 2008.


The Garage

Garage Before
Roofing Materials
Garage After

Front View with the old roof.

The stacks above helped to transform the roof to the view on the right.
The completed view of the Garage.
Rear Garage during
Both Garages during
Main Garage during

Working on the rear garage.

A view of both garages with the house in the background (note ladder to house roof) The main garage roof has been stripped of its old shingles

The House from the Road


As the work began





Check back soon for the "After" photos

The Sauna:

Most Recent View from  the lake

This is a view of the sauna as the workers from Altobelli Peterson brought supplies to it.

The work is in progress Two of the workers as the install the lakeside shingles.

More sauna photos to be posted soon

as of 2008-08-28

Come back again for more ...